Youth Program
Albert Wight studied methods of education extensively and concluded a need for change from the traditional classroom and lecture format to an educational alternative called "participative method", which focuses on the experiential process of learning rather than the mere transmission of information. Experiential learning has recently been termed "the natural way of learning", and defined as the process by which the experience of the learner is reflected upon, from which new insights emerge.

EAL courses are an invaluable way to help students that struggle in the school environment to develop vital life skills required to succeed in education and later employment as well as to engage with the curriculum in an experiential way outside of the classroom. EAL courses are valuable for a range of students. Improved behaviour has been reported within the school environment for all students that have attended equine assisted learning courses. 
EAL courses facilitate significant improvements in the following areas:

Communication skills
Team work skills
Social inclusion
Self awareness and self control
Anger management
Motivation and work ethic
School attendance through acting as an incentive

Our Youth programs are available in the following formats :
- single workshops of one hour ($25 per person)
- 4 weeks, once a week ($85 per person)
- 4 weeks, every other week ($85 per person)

PTSD Program
Humans and horses have many things in common that make them perfect partners for EAL. Horses are more sensitive to human emotion and behavior, sending cues from humans so they can better communicate with each other.
Individuals easing up to simply enjoy their time with the horses instead of being asked to recall their deepest traumas, such as in a traditional set-up. With EAL, a person can focus on understanding the horses’ behavioral cues and being aware of their own emotions and behaviors.

Our Equine Assisted Learning activities will allways include a minimum of two humans and a horse. All our activities are conducted from the ground. The exercises will let you reflect on your own communication and negociation skills, and amongst other things, work on reasonable goal settings, while having fun in the company of horses.
This is an alternative to therapy.  It gives you the option to work throught the daily challenges of PSTD without going into the depths of talking about the details of what happened to you.
EAL courses facilitate significant improvements in the following areas:

Child Trauma
Sexual Abuse
Trauma that can not be "talked out" but feels better to move physically wile processing the emotions.

These programs are created as individuals contact us.
We hold them once a week for one hour per session.
Currently we are charging $25 per session.
This year, our goal is to have this be a supported program through local businesses and existing sponsors.
If you would like to sponsor a program please contact us directy
at 253-350-0832